Thursday, October 25, 2018

What the heck is Li-Fi it? Is it true that 100 times faster than Wi-Fi?

Li-Fi (Light-Fidelity), a technology that allows data transmission through light again took over the attention of the netizen. Velmenni, a startupasal Estonia recently showing demos of commercial implementations of Li-Fi.

What the heck is Li-Fi it? Is it true that 100 times faster than Wi-Fi?
What the heck is Li-Fi it? Is it true that 100 times faster than Wi-Fi?

Jugnu, name an clever LED lights that have been developed Velmenni capable of sending data at speeds of 1Gbps. Cited from the BBC, the results of laboratory testing in theory prove when the object speed can reach 224Gbps. Here is a video demo of smart lights it.

Testing is done in an Office, which allows workers to access the internet, and in an industrial space that provides smart lights. Deepak Solanik, CEO of Velmenni revealed that Li-Fi technology will begin to be used in 3 to 4 years into the future.

A tool named the Lamp Driver will convert the digital data to the smart LED light. While recipients will be supplemented tools photo-detector to convert light into digital light that will be read by the computer

Then how Li-Fi can transmit data that is larger than the Wi-Fi? When viewing the theory of light spectrum visible light, kemampuanya larger than 10,000 radio wave spectrum used in Wi-Fi.

A simple example that you can feel right now is infra-red light is invisible on a remote TV is capable of transmitting data at less than 1,000 bps. Whereas the present smart LED light — the light visible — are able to transmit data that is more than enough to create a stable connection, but still look like light bulbs in General.

Li-Fi was created by specialist physics Germany, Harald Haas on a TED Talk event of the year 2011. He had the idea to use light as a wireless router.

A year later, Harald founded research company Li-Fi technology named pureLiFi with a number of groups who have done research about Li-Fi since the year 2008.

In addition to being able to transmit data at high speed, another advantage of Li-Fi is no effect against radio signals. So it can be used in places that are prone to interference of radio signals such as inside the plane.

However it does not mean Li-Fi do not have drawbacks. Visible light is not able to penetrate the wall, such as what can be done by radio signals in Wi-Fi. In addition, for the moment the light Li-Fi still not be applied outside the famous light rays of the Sun directly, as it would signal affect Li-Fi.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing in a Word when translated into the Indonesian Language can read "cloud computing", but until then this is now "possible" does not yet have a scientific definition or the definition of a clear subject matter unless a concept understanding in order the creation of online computing framework local (LAN) and global (internet) where there is a diverse range of applications as well as data and storage media that can be accessed and used on a share (shared service) and simultaneously (simultaneous access) by various users – from individuals to corporate users or company classes.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

The Workings Of Cloud Computing

Previously been explained that this cloud computing technology is a combination of the computer with the internet network. The position of the internet here is as a server from a program or application used. Users can access data or even make changes to the system with its own account and without doing the installation process. You can send commands to the system of the program through the interface that is provided. Orders shipped the next stored virtually to the next actionable, as appropriate.

With the workings of cloud computing like this then the process will be faster and accurately. The workings of the cloud system is also more guarantees in terms of security, because the utilization of cloud computing is indeed more done in terms of storage media. The use of Flash or hard drive device indeed many bring up the risk. That was the emergence aspects influenced Google Drive or Drop Box even though its capacity is still very limited.

Types of Cloud Computing Services

There are several types of cloud services as described below.

1. Software as a Service (Saas)

Software as a service services is a service that provides ready-made applications intended for the end user (End User). Here the user does not need to install new applications or infrastructure.

Examples of these services are services such as hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail, twitter, and facebook. Here the user does not have to bother making an application to use it, for example a paid application services is the use of Office365 Monday, Salesforce and others.

2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a Service is a service of renting a place to run the application from the user. The service could be like the provision of operating system, database, framework is a platform for running the application.

So here the user does not need to do maintenance and preparing infrastructure so that users only focus on building applications. As an example of these services is just like Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google App

3. Infrastructure as a Service (LaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service is a service that provides the iT infrastructure for the end user who built a cloud-based service. Infrastructure can be physical such as hard drives, memory, network server type, and so on.

Cloud here only provides the infrastructure based on requests from users. So if the user wants to perform the addition or upgrading of infrastructure he could contact the providers of cloud servers. Examples of these services such as Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud, and others.

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Technology That Can Damage The Environment

Technology is part of the already can not be separated from the human life in the digital age. The technology has been used in almost every aspect of human life, from work to facilitate, communicate using your mobile phone or smartphone, entertainment, and much more.

Technology That Can Damage The Environment
Technology That Can Damage The Environment

Regardless of the merits, the various technologies that have been created by humans until now also has its own hazards certainly if misused or not well controlled. With regard to the foregoing, this time I will discuss some of the technologies that arguably has the most potential to destroy mankind, so please record, well Yes.

Drones/Aircraft Without Crew

The first technology that potentially can destroy the human race is a technology often called Drones or aircraft without the crew. As we know, this Drone technology itself was originally created to do photo shoots or recording objects that cannot be reached by a human being.

But later this technology was developed to perform reconnaissance and even used it on a number of wars. Of course, if more and more countries are developing drones to the war, certainly will be very much the victim falling considering outreach Drone is very spacious.


The laser is a technology created to do many things such as treating the disease, cutting tool materials, create holograms and many more. However, as we know, the modern countries have started to develop this laser technology as a weapon of Defense which of course one time will be involved in the war and if this continues it is left, the human will is not impossible fall into the laser war as we have seen in the movie Star Wars.


Nuclear technology is full of controversy since its discovery on the World War II era. This technology has indeed been much help the human race, especially in its utility as a source of energy on a large scale. However, on the other hand nuclear also has proven itself as one of the most consuming technology casualties related to the explosive power of nuclear itself if used as a weapon. It is not impossible to nuclear war will happen several years considering the competition between developed countries threatening each other with nuclear technology.


Internet technology is one of the closest to humans and presenting a million benefits on various aspects of human life. However, anyone definitely realized if one also technologies that bring the danger of an even more severe than other technologies. The Internet could be used by some parties to perform manipulation of data and information that can trigger fraud, murder, splits, and even wars though.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a technology that is still classified. The new technology was discovered a few years ago it made the machines created humans can do something by itself (automatic) without the need for human presence.

However, on the other hand, this artificial intelligence could backfire for men, for example, if artificial intelligence itself has exceeded the human capacity, while the human capacity is limited by biological evolution. Surely it would make humans no longer needed since it was already replaced by artificial intelligence does not know tired and hungry. In the worst case scenario, could have it's own artificial intelligence considers the human being as the enemy/threat that must be eliminated.

That's 5 most technology could potentially destroy the humans, may be useful and may be an afterthought. I was just one message, kembangkanlah technology as powerful as possible but make sure the technology is not beyond human capacity & does not make technology as harm or losses incurred, as well as use the technology itself wisely and properly.

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Apple Developer Academy Indonesia

Apple Developer Academy, still not much is know about the Academy's Apple already established about 7 months ago. More precisely on Monday, may 7, 2018 Apple Developer Academy officially opened in BSD Green Office Park, Cisauk, Tangerang. This is the third in the world while the first in Asia, first to Brazil, then Italy. According to industry Minister Airlangga Hartarto, later Apple will build in 2 places, namely one in Java and one outside of Java island.

Apple Developer Academy Indonesia
Apple Developer Academy Indonesia

Apple Developer Academy aims to challenge and inspire students through various approaches in teaching and learning. Prime grade already accommodates 75 students who have already started the training of up to one year ahead with new facilities.

Learning classes will be led by expert instructors who trained Apple. It will also give students the ability and experience to make their ideas into applications and marketed through the App Store.

Those who graduated from the selection at Apple Developer Academy program will be undergoing over the last nine months. Later each student will also get the facility of free Apple products like the iPhone, Macbook and pocket money. In addition facilities within the Academy is also very much and very good

The classes in the Apple Developer Academy will include Objective-C and Swift, namely Apple programming language created to make iOS applications, Apple TV and Apple Watch. Daily classes led by expert instructors will provide students the experience of changing their ideas into applications and marketed through the App Store. For all products made by Apple Developer Academy students, its patent rights will be retained by the student, not Apple.

And the fact that more than half the students there could not be coding while before elected students. So instead of coding abilities became the main benchmark in the assessment of prospective students what is important is the existence of ability to face challenges and never give up because of the learning system in the Apple Developer this is a CBL (Academy Challenge Based Learning ). So a team containing some of the students will be given challenges and thereafter will be given new challenges more difficult than ever. For those of you who are interested can get info at:

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

The impact of the industrial revolution in the field of

Impact on economics and abundant Goods at cheap prices
The industrial revolution had led to an increase in industrial ventures and factories in a major way through the process of mechanization. Thus, in a short time may produce abundant goods. Production of goods be doubled so that it can meet the needs of the wider community. Due to the manufacture of goods to be quick, easy, as well as in great numbers so that prices become cheaper.

The impact of the industrial revolution in the field of
The impact of the industrial revolution in the field of

Trade is growing thanks to modern communications equipment, fast and cheap, local production is transformed into an international-scale production. Cruise and any international trade grew rapidly.

Discovery of the existence of a smoother transportation in various transportation facilities and infrastructure increased perfectly and smoothly. Thus, the dynamics of community life was further increased. Like a simple car and train.

The impact in the field of social

The development of urbanization development of industrialization has raised the cities and centers of the new crowd. Because the city with its industrial activity promises a more decent life then many farmers of the village went to the city to find a job. This resulted in the decline in the agricultural sector.

Wages are low due to the more increasing urbanisation into industrial cities then the amount of manpower the more abundant. Meanwhile, many factories that use the power of the engine. Thus, the wages of labor become cheap. In addition, any social security is reduced so that their life became difficult.

The emergence of the entrepreneurs and the workers in the activities of the Group of workers known existence of industrialization (slave) and a group of businessmen (employers) that have an industry or factory. Thus, in society arises, namely the new class of entrepreneurs (the capitalists) that life is full of luxury and the workers living in poverty.

The existence of a gap between workers and employers with the rise of the entrepreneur who lives on the one hand, while there are the workers who lived on the other side, then it raises the gap between employers and workers. Such conditions often cause tensions that followed with a strike to demand the repair work of fate. This led to resentment against the capitalist economic system, so laborers skew to the socialist doctrine.

The emergence of social revolution in 1820-Ness going on riot caused by a poor city residents supported by laborers. This social movement demands the improvement of people's fate and labour.
As a result, the Government passed a law that guarantees repair of the fate of the laborers and the poor. The legislation, among others, as follows:
The year 1832 Reform Bill issued or legislation Renewal election. According to this legislation, the workers get rights of representatives in Parliament.
The year 1833 Factory Act was issued or the Act. According to this legislation, the workers get social security. In addition, the Act also contains a prohibition of usage of the labour of children and women in areas of underground mines.
Year 1834 Poor Law Act was issued or the Act Poor. Therefore, the established centres of care and shelter the poor so it doesn't hang around. The more powerful the nature of individualism and the depletion of the sense of solidarity. With the industrial revolution of the nature of individuality of the more powerful because it is affected by the industrial economic system ensured the money. On the contrary, the depletion of the sense of solidarity and kinship.
The impact on the political emergence of the Socialist Movement laborers being treated unfairly by the entrepreneurs started moving drawing up the strength to improve their fate. They then formed the Organization commonly known Socialist Movement. The Socialist movement was motivated by the thought of Thomas Otopia Marus who wrote the book. The most popular character in thought and movers understand the Socialist Karl Marx was with his book Das Kapital.

The emergence of political parties in an effort to fight for his fate then laborers continue to raise unity. Moreover, with the increasing strength of the position of the laborers in the Parliament encourages the establishment of a container of political struggle, that of the labour party. This Socialist-leaning party. On the part of entrepreneurs combine themselves into the Liberal Party.

The emergence of modern imperialism House entrepreneurs generally have a strong influence in the Government to do for the sake of continuity of its industrialisation imperialism. Thus, the birth of modern imperialism, i.e. the expansion of areas as a result places marketing industry, seeking raw materials, investing the surplus, and get cheap labor. In this regard, the United Kingdom became the leading the way.

Indeed in every change there must be advantages and shortcomings. No exception to the industrial revolution and pekembangannya. Live how can we capitalize on every change there. If the article history of the industrial revolution and the development of this useful please share it on the share button below it? Thank you.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The development of the industrial

Revolution a Revolution is a radical change that alters the order of social life the life of the community and the country wide impact, both in the field of economic, social, cultural, political and industrial revolution itself is an economic revolution that occurred first in England.  The beginning of the industrial revolution is indeed less obvious but T.S. Ashton wrote it 1760-1830 the guess work and no point separator with the industrial revolution II around 1850, when technological and economic progress gained momentum with the development of the ship power-steam, and Rails. 

The development of the industrial
The development of the industrial 

The industrial revolution marks the onset of a major turning point in world history, almost every aspect of daily life is influenced by the industrial revolution, particularly in terms of population growth and the increase in average income are sustainable and unprecedented. During the two centuries after the industrial revolution, the average per-capita income countries in the world increased more than sixfold.

Then at the end of the century the development of the internal combustion engine and the development of power plants. to the manufacturing-based economy led to massive population displacement from the village to the city, and ultimately cause the membengkaknya population in large cities in the United Kingdom. At the end of the middle ages in European cities flourished as a centre of crafts and trade. Townspeople (bourgeoisie) who is the free-spirited citizens become the backbone of the economy of the city. They compete freely for the improvement in the economy.

The growth of the craft sector into an industry through several stages as follows:
This stage of the Domestic system can be referred to as the stage craft House (home industry). Workers working at home, each with their own tools. In fact, the craft retrieved from entrepreneurs who once done done deposited him. Wages are obtained based on the number of items being worked on. With such a way of working, the employer has a business only pays the workforce on the basis of the achievements or results. Employers are not complicated matter of work and salary. 
Manufacturing industry growing craft After it takes a special place to work so that the employer can keep tabs on how well executed and the quality of its production. A manufacturing (factory) with dozens of labor established and is usually located in the back of the House employer. The middle section of the House for shelter and the front part as a shop to sell their products. The relationship of the employer with the worker (labour) more familiar because their workplace so one and the number of buruhnya is still a little bit. Goods that are made sometimes also still based on order. 
Plant system plant system is already a stage of industrial machinery. Place in an industrial area which has been defined, it can be inside or outside the city. The place to work, while the employer resides elsewhere. Likewise, the store's marketing industry diadakah results elsewhere. The amount of power it works (buruhnya) already dozens, even hundreds. Goods production is made to be marketed.  The industrial revolution changed the United Kingdom becoming a developed and industrialized countries. In the United Kingdom industrial centers emerged, such as Lancashire, Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham. As with any other revolution, the industrial revolution also brought wider consequences in the field of economic, social and political, both in United Kingdom and in other countries.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

The driving factor in the onset of the industrial revolution ...

Many factors which aspects influenced the onset of the industrial revolution as the onset of revolution in science (technology development) in the 16th century with the advent of scientists such as Francis Bacon, René Descartes, Galileo Galilei and the existence of the development of research and research with the establishment of research institutions such as The Royal Improving Knowledge, The Royal Society of England, and The French Academy of Science. There is also the factor of such resilience in domestic politics, the development of entrepreneurial activity, United Kingdom colonies a wide and rich in natural resources.

The driving factor in the onset of the industrial revolution ...
The driving factor in the onset of the industrial revolution ...

Beside that, there are key factors which aspects influenced the onset of the industrial revolution in the United Kingdom. The key factor which aspects influenced the onset of the industrial revolution is as follows:
1. The political situation stable existence of the great revolution of 1688 years requiring the King swore allegiance to the Bill of Rights so that the King is subject to the laws and the only interesting tax based on the approval of Parliament.
2. the United Kingdom is rich in mining materials. The United Kingdom abundant materials such as coal mines, iron, Tin, and kaolin. In addition, wool is also very conducive textile industry.
3. The existence of a new invention in the field of technology of the large number of new invention & can simplify how work and improve production yield, for example tools spinners, looms, steam engines, and so on.

4. Prosperity in prosperity in the UK United Kingdom Kingdom is the result of advances in shipping and trade so as to provide capital to businesses. In addition, in the United Kingdom also provided enough raw materials because the United Kingdom has a large colony that produces the raw materials.
5. The Government provides protection on patent protection to patent rights by the Government of the United Kingdom encourages scientific research activities are more developed. Moreover, after the establishment of the scientific institution of the Royal Society for Improving Natural Knowledge then the development of technology and industry growing forward.
6. Urbanisation Echoes the number resulted in a new discovery of urbanisation in England rose sharply. Until the current large urban Agrarian revolution on rural urge the Government of the United Kingdom to open more industries to be able to accommodate them.

Other factors contributing to the onset of the industrial revolution, among others:
Times of peace and stability which is followed by the unification of the United Kingdom and Scotland.
-There are no barriers in trade between the United Kingdom and Scotland.
-In berlakukannya the rule of law of the contract.
-The establishment of joint-stock companies (corporations)
-The existence of the free market (capitalism).

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